Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eye Check-up

Me, my husband and my 6 years old son Dustin got an eye check up this morning. It went well and they didn’t find any disease in my eyes. My eyes seems healthy and there’s nothing wrong in it. It’s been a long time since my last eye check up. It’s nice to go once a year just to make sure everything’s okay. My husband need a new contacts and Dustin need a pair of eyeglasses. I heard that he don’t have good focus and the doctor mentioned astigmatism, so I guess Dustin has it but its not that bad though because when he get his eye checked and let him read numbers and letters, he seems pretty good at it, he can’t just read a very small letters. Well, either can I, if its too small already, I can’t read it far away. Anyhow, we didn’t get Dustin eyeglasses yet but we have the prescription and we can get it anytime we want. Maybe we can get it next week or so.

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