Friday, February 24, 2012

horseback riding...

Way back in my hometown, Philippines. I been wanting to ride a horse but we don’t have any relatives or friends that own a horse. When I got married and we moved in Grand Junction I saw a lot of people own horses and I found out to one of our friends in the congregation that there is actually a place where you can ride a horse but you need to pay for it. Its about 25-30 miles away from our town. It would be nice if I can experience those things. It sounds really fun to ride a horse but it is also scary. What if the horse don’t like me or what if I fall? Well, I guess there is someone who will watch you when you do such thing.

Anyhow, there are a lot of horse breeds you need to consider when you buy a horse. But for me, I would love to have a white Tennessee Walking horse. They are prized mounts for leisure riding and trail. But of course, you can’t ride a horse without wearing ariat boot and coat. These are one of my favorite brand because their brand is known for its cutting-edge technology and premium leather and this supports the riders arch but also increases comfort, flexibility and stability. By the way thanks for the article that I’ve read online from chinaspicejerseycity, it’s about the equestrian riding in China. Next time if we visit China, we will absolutely do horseback riding.

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