Friday, October 28, 2011

My New Fall Layout

Bye bye winter layout and hello to my new fall layout! Hope you all like it as much as I like it hehe :-) I decided to change my layout since I been using the winter layout for a long time now, I will use it back next time when its winter time. Since it's fall right now, so this is what I came up with my layout design. If you want to make a change on your layout, please let me know. All my layout designs are very affordable, its only $20 for layout design, additional $5 for the logo and $5 for signature. It's your choice of what style and designs and color you like either you want to make it simple, scrapbook design or a season style. Feel free to leave comments and happy blogging!


gagay said...

great great designs here!!! :D

gagay said...

care for exlinks? just tell me then.. :D

gagay said...

just read your profile..hehehe..kababayan diay ta from davao too.. :D

Femikey said...

thanks! I'm glad you like my design. Sure you can ad me up to ur blogroll list, i'l ad u up too, san ka sa davao?