Wednesday, September 14, 2011

wii games

I always see the wii games advertisement on tv and also online and even when we go to the store and see the electronics stuff, Dustin ends up watching those wii games and he say to us if he can buy it. Well, I am not sure if we need the wii games since we don't want Dustin to get addicted to it. I see some families buying those wii games and they said, parents can also play. It's nice if you have friends come over and you, the kids and your friends can play together. Talking about wii games, you can get it online at, you can find the hot wii new releases and get your favorite wii games! I love that zumba fitness, if we have nintendo wii, this is the first one I will buy. How about you? What's your favorite wii games?


Anonymous said...

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Femikey said...

thanks! I'm glad you found my blog interesting. Keep visiting!