Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Some parts of the country are cold in summer and even much colder in winter. When we went to San Francisco for our vacation, we bring our sweaters and jackets. I guess if we need more, we can still buy it in San Francisco or online. Mike told me that the weather in San Francisco is different here in Colorado so we better pack sweaters and jackets for me and the kids. When we arrive at San Francisco, it was foggy and chilly. We also drove at 17miles drive. That was an amazing scenery I’ve seen! It was little bit chilly that’s why we didn’t stay long, we just take photos and go back to the car after.

Well, I can tell that fall is coming, it started to get chilly here in the mountains especially at night. I bet we will have early winter this year, I am not sure but will see because last year we had snow on December and it only last about a week.

Anyhow, we better buy more sweater for my family. Better to get ready in a cold night. So if you are looking for sweaters either Plus Size Sweaters, coats and jackets, look for, they have all the size you need.

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