Thursday, March 31, 2011

ran out of ink!

I was about to print more photos to put in my monthly photo collage for this month but then I noticed that the color and black ink was almost ran out. Without ink, I couldn’t print those photos. Do I need to wait next week to print those? Or do I need to get ink cartridges right now? We usually get printer ink cartridges in the nearest store in the area but I think I can get one online at They offer a spring coupon 10% off over $55. If we can use their coupon, we can save money for printer cartridges. Printer ink seems very expensive and the last time we bought our printer ink was last 6 months ago I think. We don’t use our printer so much unless we print receipt from the bills we paid or print photos for my photo collage.
My five year old son also print one of his favorite car online. He got it from the learning games that he usually play. I told him not to print anymore since we don’t have ink left. We need to get a new one before he can print the cars he likes. Anyhow, if you are looking for a printer cartridges, you can visit and use the spring coupon, that way you can save money for ink cartridges.

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