Sunday, March 13, 2011

Elbow Pads for Dogs

My husband and I are trying to figure out how to make Thunder elbow pads. Thunder our male mastiff has an elbow problem. His elbow got swollen and he keep licking it. Maybe because it was dry and it has a crack in it. We went to the fashion fabrics yesterday to buy the materials we need including the thick fabric, the Velcro and the stretchy thing. I also bought Dana a nice 1 yard fabric so that I can start make her another sun dress or like what they called the “pillow case baby dress”.

Anyhow, we finish one elbow pads and we tried it on to Thunder, it works okay but we are still working with it. We are not really happy with the outcome because whenever Thunder lays down, the pads didn’t stay in his elbow because It slides down. We might need to make another one with different design. Will see… Here are the photos!  


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Marquis said...

Hi I ran across your youtube video showing the dog elbow protector for Thunder. I need one for my mastiff how much do they cost and how would I go about ordering them? Thanks