Tuesday, March 8, 2011

buy toll free number

We receive a lot of calls from a toll free number before in our landline, most of them are just selling products and some are just telling you that you won a price or something. We mostly ignore toll free numbers before but now? Not anymore! I know most companies or businesses are using a toll free forwarding nowadays. This is more cheaper than using a regular phone to call international numbers. Having a toll free number, you can do business internationally.

So if you want to get a toll free number and have the number forwarded to your phone in another country, you can rely namada.com. They are the best US and International Phone Services. They offer an international call forwarding, cheap calls and conference call services. To find out how to buy toll free number, visit namada.com or contact this following number: 609-953-7573 Outside the US, 1-800-428-3888 and 1-800-8-NAMADA, available inside the US and Canada.

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