Saturday, January 8, 2011

go back to the mall...

We went to the mall yesterday to check my resize ring from JCPenny but it said it didn’t come yet. They will give me a call if they already got it. Since we’re in the mall, we just hang out to the play area and let the kids play. We stay about an hour there and do shopping at Target. Mike bought me a deep fryer. When we get home, we tried it right away and deep fry couple of things like the ham, pizza rolls and French fries. I like my new deep fryer! Its easy to use and it deep fry fast!

In the afternoon, I receive a call from JCPenny, they let me know that my resize ring is ready to pick up so today we will go back to the mall again to pick it up and go to best buy after to fix my computer. My computer is really screwed up right now but I am glad it give me a chance to check my mail, play my cityville and finish some of my assignments. So hopefully the connection will be okay until this afternoon that way I can still do my things online hehe.

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