Saturday, January 15, 2011

FatCow web hosting plan

I have six blogs but only four of them that are active. I got two domains and the rest of it are blogger host. I was kind a hesitate to get another domain for my other blogs because I am not sure if I can afford it since I don’t work full time. I am a stay home mom and the extra money I make from bloggin is just enough to send to my family in the Philippines and to buy some of my online needs.

When you are a mother of two, for me it’s hard to maintain and update blogs, because I gave my kids so much time than to spend more time online. Sometimes, I wait them to sleep before I start my blogging thing. Well, how much more if I have more than 5 blogs? I know many of you here are newbie in the world of blogging but getting a web hosting or domain is a good idea. Either you are having small or big business online, the only thing you can do is get a web hosting provider, that way the consumer can easily find your website. Talking about web hosting, you might like to try the FatCow Web Hosting Plan, they provide reliable hosting services for individuals and businesses. If you want to know more about their service, visit for fatcow reviews.

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