Thursday, January 13, 2011

403 forbidden access error

Have you encountered this kind of problem? It’s my first time that I encounter this kind of problem. My connection is really slow today and when the connection back, I open my blogger account right away and write a post. Then suddenly when I click view blog, I receive this error message that said 403 forbidden access. I was worried coz maybe I can’t access my blog anymore so I checked it to the other computer but still the same. I wonder why this happen? Maybe it’s because my connection load very slow? Maybe! Well, I need to do something about it, so I research it online about 403 forbidden access and how to get rid of it and guess what I found out? I found a forum that talks about the same topic and one blogger says that he also encounter this kind of problem and all he does was, he go to internet option and delete browsing histories including the cookies and restart his computer, then after that he can access his blog again. That’s what I do and I am so glad I can access my blog now. What a relief!

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