Friday, December 3, 2010

Shopping with friends!

It was nice to shop together with my fellow Filipina friends. I pick up Ella around lunch time and we went to City Market to buy few things then we drove home and have lunch together. I cooked some Filipino foods like Pancit Canton, we also open one can of chili corn tuna then I cooked smelly dried fish. I feel like I am in the Philippines! It’s nice to eat this kind of food when you have someone that also eat those food. After we had lunch, we go back to the mail branch of City Market to pick up one of our friend Meliza. We went to Encore to shop clothing and stuff. They have cheap clothes and so far we found the one we like. After the shopping galore hehe J we drove back home and have some ice cream and snacks. It was fun, I am looking forward to do it again with my fellow Pinay friends next week if the weather is good.

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