Thursday, December 9, 2010

need new baby clothes!

When Dana was born, I receive a lot of pretty baby clothes and baby dresses given from our fellow brothers and sisters in our congregation and friends. But Dana grow so fast! She never wore some of those pretty baby clothes, most of them don't fit her at all. Well, I guess I will just give some of her baby clothes to our friends who has a little baby. Good thing because one of our sister just had her little baby last month and I bet her little baby girl can use those clothes that Dana never used. It still looks like new and I think I need to buy Dana new baby clothes!

I saw a nice baby clothes online at This will be a nice gift to someone that has a baby! There baby dresses are so cute! I never seen this type of dress anywhere at the store. I like their lyrical bandage dress collection. Aren't they're pretty? Anyhow if you are planning to buy baby clothes online. You might like to buy baby clothes at They offer free shipping on orders over $150 and simply $8 on everything else.

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