Sunday, December 5, 2010


I love those mailboxes that has custom painted and garden accents. How about you? What kind of mailbox posts you like? Do you have a custom painted residential mailboxes or whitehall mailboxes? Or do you need one? If does then you better visit, they have all the mailboxes you need. Not only that, they also offer home and garden décor, address plaques, patio furniture, personalized doormats, garden hose, birthbaths, twilight lanterns, bird feeders, outdoor faucets, doorbells, nature hooks and more! They have huge selections of all their products, it’s 110 low price guarantee and free shipping on all plaques and more.

We are almost done with our patio and that means we need to buy a new patio furniture. I found a nice one that I really like, the Latene table and chair set for only $473.99 and it’s free shipping. This might be a good deal and perfect in our patio. Anyhow, if you are looking mailboxes and other home and garden décor, visit!

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