Monday, November 22, 2010

structured cabling contractor

Way back in the Philippines, I remember the time when I got my first job at the internet café and business center as a computer typist and I also work as a cashier. They rented a building so whenever we have problem with the electricity or cabling. We let somebody who are into that field because we really don’t have idea about cabling. I look at the back on the building but seems their structured cabling was very confusing. There are different colors in the cable and I don’t have any idea what those for or where it connected too. We called the owner of the building and tell them what’s going on and I think they talk or hire an structured cabling contractor to fixed the problem.

Anyhow, I bit most of you out there are familiar with the structured cabling. There are key components of the structured cabling design and that includes the entrance facility, main equipment room, backbone cable and pathway, intermediate distribution frame and horizontal distribution system. You can see this structured cabling in most offices, new buildings and data center. If you encountered problem with your cabling, you might need to call the structured cabling contractor from at 877-947-3786 or visit their website today for a free consultation.

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