Sunday, November 28, 2010

pulse oximeters

How much did you pay on your pulse oximeter? Did you pay much? I found a great deal at, they have concord emerald, sapphire and topaz finger pulse oximeter for only $49.95. They lower the price from $99.95 to $49.95. Isn’t that a great deal? Why spent much for pulse oximeter if you can get a lower value at concord health supply? Even their Nonin Onyx 9500 Pulse Oximeter with free case, batteries and lanyard is only $199.00 instead of $275.00. They offer free shipping on all their items.

There are different kinds of pulse oximeters. They have finger pulse oximeters, tabletop, blood pressure and pulse oximetry, CO2 and pulse oximetry, wrist pulse oximeters, handheld, Nonin Onyx and Sensors. When it comes to health supply, Concord has everything you need. They also offer latex medical gloves available and pulse ox accessories. So if you are looking all these things then you better visit their website today and get the health supply you need!

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Dresden said...

That's really awesome that you mentioned wrist pulse oximeters in your post; not many people actually know of them. That said, great blog post; you now have another subscriber.