Thursday, November 4, 2010

dvd ripper software

Have you heard about DVD Ripper? How does dvd ripper works? I don’t have any idea about this thing, I just found out online from It was very interesting because this dvd ripper they are talking about is a powerful dvd ripping software application to rip and convert DVD movies to almost all video and audio formats. So does it means that I can convert our old DVD movies in an audio format? Then I better get the software.

I have a friend that has iPod and Mac and since has this DVD Ripper for Mac and Video Converter mac then she might need this software because she wants to convert their dvd to mp3 or wma. This dvd ripper software has all the features you need for video and auto editing. You can edit all the video and audio you want and you can add subtitles and soundtracks too. This is a great software to use especially if you love editing. Find out the dvd ripper software prices, main functions and key features at!

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