Saturday, November 6, 2010

changed my skin care products

This past few days, I decided to changed all my Skin Care Products. I came back to the product that I usually use before, I throw some of my old Acne Products too because I got a red rash in my cheek after I use those product. Maybe those products are too strong on my skin. My husband said, I need to get a product that works to my sensitive skin. We went on shopping last week and I can't help myself not to look for those Age Spots products. I am not worry about my age though because no one can hardly tell my real age because I look younger.

Talking about skin care products, I would love to send some to my sister in the Philippines. A friend recommend me the transforming skincare from, they offer any skin care products from acne, anti-aging, cellulite, make up, etc. You can create a gift set to any skin care products you like and save big! It's free shipping on $50 orders. Give your love ones this special skin care products gift set and make them feel beautiful.

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