Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Best Invention Since Sliced Bread!

This was written by guest blogger Sandra Dayton

What I have done before my DVR? The best shows seem to come on during my daytime working hours but with the help of this handy invention, my favorite shows are just a push of play away! I particularly enjoy watching daytime talk shows i.e. Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey and my all time favorite but soon to be cancelled The Tyra Banks Show! The DVR provided with my Satellite TV from makes having to sit behind a desk all day not seem so bad knowing that I can come home and turn Oprah on for some motivation. And let's not forget about Rachel Ray who always has the best cooking tips on her daytime talk show.

Some other shows I like to record also include a few daytime soaps including Young and the Restless and General Hospital. Now I know that watching soaps can seem a little ancient, but with inventions like the DVR it's just that easier to know what exactly Victor Newman is up to in Genoa City! I'm sure as televison programming evolves I will have plenty additional content to add to my DVR recordings and I can hardly wait!

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