Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free of acne!

Having terrible acne is what I am scared of. Even just one pimple in my face, I hate it. I feel shy to look at my face in the mirror. I have this problem when I was in high school and college. Bad acne makes me feel terrible. I even don’t want to go out and go to school. I always cover my face with a handkerchief and my classmates always laughing at me. When I moved here in Grand Junction and start using the best acne treatments, it gives me a lot of confidence in myself and I tell myself not to go back in the old days where my face has full of acne. I am free of acne now and thanks to!


Acne warrior said...

Scientists at NY University College of Medicine have shown that Niacinamide (aka Nicotinamide) is superior to antibiotics such as Clindamycin in controlling acne. Use Niapads – Nicotinamide pads for controlling acne. Niapads is a one step process providing exfoliation, skin lightening (prevent acne scars), pore cleansing and prevention of acne. Visit for details.

水煎包amber said...