Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weird feeling...

I been sick this couple of days. I have a weird feeling every morning when I woke up. I’m kind a dizzy and at night I have a bad headache. My period is done already and I was wondering, why I don’t feel good this past couple days. Do I have a cold or flu? But I don’t have any fever or any symptoms of flu. Maybe I have some kind a virus or something. We missed two meetings last week and this week and I don’t want to miss the meeting this Sunday. It is really hard in my part to not feel good or getting sick because I have two kids to taking care of and I don’t have any relatives or closed family here in Colorado. I only rely my husband and some of our closest friends or sisters in the congregation to help me out a bit. Hopefully I will get better this weekend, that way we can attend Sunday meeting and we can also go out in service.

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My Memories and Crystals said...

Hello Fem, sorry that I just visited you today. Quite busy... Hope you will be fine soon.