Saturday, December 5, 2009

My new Laptop

This morning when we went to BestBuy, my husband bought me a laptop! I thought he will only buy video card for his online game EVE. I was kind a surprised and happy of course. I been longing to own a laptop and having a laptop is a big advantage to me especially that Mike used the other computer for his game at night and I can’t able to talk with my family. I was so happy for my new laptop. Actually I am using it right now and I like it! The keyboard has a soft key that I can barely touch my finger. It also has built in camera and microphone. It's color black, ASUS notebook type. It’s very interesting, but to bad I can’t make a layout at this computer because it doesn’t have the Microsoft picture it premium 10 or Photoshop that I can use to create layout.


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anne said...

Hi girl, you got a nice gift there, what an early gift for Christmas anyway I just got a tag for you I hope u dont mind to take a peek its here thanks

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