Sunday, September 27, 2009

My cutie kiddo's

I took this photo this morning before we went to our meeting. Dana look so adorable with her green dress as well as Dustin with his suit.

Disney Tickets

One of my biggest dream is to bring my kids at the Disney Land and let them experience the real fantasy that they only seen on TV. It will be a dream come true not only for me but also with my two kids. This will be our next plan next year. My friend went to Disney and she said that was her happiest moment ever. She told me about it and now I am really interested to go to Disney one day together with my husband and kids. Anyway, many kids wants to have a great vacation in Disney, why not treat them this fall holiday? It’s not too late yet, at, they offer a discount Walt Disney tickets. They are the largest ticket store in Orlando. You can get the tickets online by visiting at For more information, visit their website or call the toll free 866.225.4712!

United Bloggers Award

Hi rosemarie! thanks for sharing this United Bloggers Award. Sorry for posting it late. I almost forgot this award and im glad i checked my shoutbox and found your message. I really appreciate it and thanks for keep visiting my blog!

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Middle of Nowhere

These are the view you will absolutely see here in Colorado. You can see the nice form of rocks and the view is absolutely amazing. This photo was took three weeks ago. We drove by somewhere, I can’t remember where, all I can remember is the road we were driving is going to Dolores River. It was a long way drive, about 30-40 miles. Here are some of the photos I took.

Diet pills for weight loss

Getting back in our normal weight is really hard. I gained little bit of my weight since I labor my two kids. Now, instead of gaining weight I am losing weight. My husband has the same problem but its opposite in my situation. I told him about this so that he can compare all the diet pills for weight loss. He seems interested and hopefully he can find the right diet pill for him. The one that is safe, effective and affordable.

Friday, September 25, 2009


We’re almost done building our patio and we are planning to buy a tile that match the tile in our kitchen floor. We still don’t know yet when we will going to buy a tile because we are out of budget this month. But as soon as our patio are finished. I am sure buying a tile is our next plan. Talking about tile, I came across this website at and they offer a great discount in all their tile collections from ceramic, metal, natural stone, pebbles, quarry tile, glass, mosaics, porcelain, vinyl, green and more. You can save a lot in your next purchase. They offer $25 up to $250 off and its free shipping! Visit now!

Dustin dental appointment

We went to the dentist this morning for Dustin's appointment. They will going to clean his teeth. This will be his first time to have his teeth cleaned. It was very surprising! I thought he will be scared or won’t like it but it seems like he remembered his first happy visit 2 months ago. He likes it and he is much behaved that time. The lady who cleaned his teeth was very happy because Dustin didn’t give her hard time. After the cleaning, they give him a new toothbrush, a toy, sticker and dental floss. He says thank you and when he came out, he was so happy. He showed me his teeth and he say “mommy, my teeth is clean! I feel so good!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yamaha Parts

Do you own a motorcycle? We got our motorcycle a year ago but my husband didn’t use it much because of his back problem. But if the weather is nice, he takes it for a ride at work. Anyway, since I’m talking motorcycle here, I found this website at where you can find parts and accessories to your motorcycle. They also offer yamaha parts. They have great selection of Yamaha models. You can browse by model and search the products, parts and accessories you need. So when it comes to Yamaha parts and accessories? is the right website for you to visit.

The Bear

While we're driving at the Grand Mesa and drive around at the picnic grounds, we saw a big black bear. The bear is busy eating the plastic bag. We took a picture of it and go. It was scary because maybe the bear will attack us if we bother him. He looks in us and gives us a scary look but he won’t away after. So it’s a big relief to us. We had a great ride that day because we saw a wild bear hehe :-)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Detox Kits

I was searching online about pass drug test because one of my friends asks me about it and bumped at this website at Its kind a interesting because they also offer detox kits, hair drug test, urine drug test, alternative detoxifying products, urine additives and more. They have lots of information too that you can read about. If you are looking for a particular product you can find it at their quick product finder tools. Their detox kits are very affordable. So, if you need to pass a drug test, you better call them now and visit their website today!

Questions for Baptism

Today will be the last part for my questions for baptism. It went pretty good. Im glad im done, i am looking forward for my baptism this coming October 11. I was pretty excited and i am very happy to become one of JW. Im looking forward to teach my children also about what i learn from the bible and how to apply it in our daily lives. Hopefully i can be a good model to my children and to all mothers that wants the best for their kids and family. :-)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mopar performance parts

My friend just bought a used Chrysler and they are looking for Chrysler accessories online. Good thing I found this website at where you can find Mopar performance parts for a very affordable price. I will absolutely recommend this website to them, so that they can save for their Chrysler accessories and parts. So, If you are looking for a parts and accessories on your Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep. Then visit the wholesale OEM Mopar Parts at and save up to 40% on all Mopar Parts!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Colon Cleanser Reviews

I heard a lot about colon cleanser and I wonder how effective this colon cleanser is. Mike already done a colon cleanser before and it seems work pretty good to him. Well, maybe I will give it a try and see how it works. But first I need to find out more about colon cleanser and read some of the colon cleanser reviews. I’m glad I came across at this website at They have great information and they will help you choose the best cleansing program and avoid the all too prevalent scams. Is it sound interesting to you? So, If you are planning to try colon cleanser, then visit!

Mother-in-Law visit

The 2 weeks vacation of my mother-in-law was over. Days went by so fast. I can’t believe how fast it is. We have good time together and we visit a lot of place here in Colorado. We will miss her! She flew back to Michigan this morning. We drove her to Denver and say bye for the last time at Denver Airport. It was sad because we won’t see her anymore this year. We are hoping that we can visit Michigan next year. We have good memories of her, I am sure my kids would miss their grandma!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Medifast coupons

We are about to leave the house and go back at the store to exchange the sliding door we got. But before we leave I checked my mail first and research diet coupons. Since Mike is on diet right now, all I can do is find a Medifast coupons and get free medifast discount coupon codes online. Good thing I came across at where you can get a Medifast coupons and save $50 on any medifast purchase. If you never heard medifast yet, this is your chance to try their program. They have one simple plan everyday, why not started now and see how much you weight after a week?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Orlando Vacations

I was talking to my friend 2 days ago about their upcoming vacation next 2 months. They will spend a 2 weeks vacation at Orlando. This will be their second honeymoon. Since they are planning their vacation this coming October, why not share to them what I found online at They offer great deals and very affordable price. They still have 2 months to get ready for their flight and I think Orlandovacationsonline will be a great help to them to find better deals. If you are planning for orlando vacations, then this is the right website for you to visit!

Bell TV - Best HD Service

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Ice Cream at ColdStone

I love Ice Cream! that is one of my favorite dessert. I know everyone loves Ice Cream and talking about Ice Cream. We just went to ColdStone and i got my favorite ice cream the berry berry berry good hehe :-) It has lot of fruits in it including the blue berry, strawberry and raspberry. It was good and delicious! Can't get enough with it. Thanks to my loving husband for the threat! We are looking forward to go back again at ColdStone this weekend :-)

Managed File Transfer

How long does it take to transfer a file? Do you think we need a software to make file transfer faster and easier? I am sure you are wasted a lot of time if you don’t have software that can secure file transfer. Saving time is important that’s why they provide this product MassTransit at MassTransit meets your needs, it can make the file sending made easy, fast secure and reliable delivery. It has full visibility and control of your file transfer service, simple, powerful system administration. To managed file transfer, I will absolutely recommend the MassTransit from! Visit now and find out more about their products!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Link to Blog

How to make money with blog

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Opps! my bad...

It was Sunday afternoon when i forgot to untie the rope in our garage. After the garage sale, i close the garage without checking it. I just found out when Mike told me that i broke our garage door. He see that the garage is half way open and the rope got stock to it. I dont know what to do, i know its my fault for not checking it. Now, we can't use our garage door. Mike will going to fix it this week, so im hoping that he will fix it without spending a lot. So will see... :-(