Monday, April 20, 2009

I support Rosa...

I receive a message at my comment box that rosa need help and i dont understand why until i open her blog and read what this help is all about. Rosa is one of participants of 1srt ever contest. She's one of the dedicated bloggers also who keep visiting my blog and i think i sponsor a free blog makeover in one of her blogs. She is also a blog designer and she loves to join contest. I am not into contest because i dont have patience on it. But if the contest is easy then i will join and i dont care if i loss or not hehe :-) Anyway, Rosa this is for you. I will support you in this contest and hope this one will counts. Thanks again and keep visiting my blog! happy blogging!

1 comment:

sweet_shelo said...

Rosa is really into contests.. I joined this too sis kaya lang Im sure hindi ako mananalo kasi I am not updating really well for this contest.. Wala din kasi ako time eh.. Goodluck to Sis Rosa.