Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lunch at Olive Garden

Yesterday, Mike and Dustin went to service, Dana and I stay here at home because of the weather condition. Its kind a windy and cold outside and i dont want to bring Dana to service because she might get cold. But anyway at lunch time, mike called me and he said i need to get ready because they will going to pick me up and Dana around lunch time. We will going to have lunch with our brother and sister at Olive Garden. So we will going to met them there. I love Olive Garden, not only that they serve fresh salad, bread and hot soup but they have great tasty Italian Food. I am not crazy about pasta but i love their Chicken Alfredo. Too bad i didn't finish my plate and i need a box for carry out. That was a really nice lunch with our brother and sister. Dana was really good because she was sleeping the whole time. She woke up when we got home. :-)

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hi, i like your wall's kinda nice!