Thursday, January 15, 2009

Views from the Cameras on I70

I lived here in Colorado for more than 3 years now and since we moved here, I never tried to go on Ski but we visit some of the Ski area here in the Valley and I found it very interesting and I was thinking is it really safe to go Ski? Or do they provide cameras on each ski area so that they will know what’s happening in there or how do they know if the weather conditions is good or bad? Have you ever wondered that also? Well for me, I do!

I came across this website at and I saw that most of the Ski area here in Colorado have video cameras? They are the one who watch the traffic and weather on Colorado I70, thats why they provide this cameras on Colorado Slopes. I never thought about this before but I think that’s a good idea. I am kind a curious also to see the views from the cameras on I70 and the Skiers to see the slopes. Good thing because they provide this website at where you can view the ski area online. Visit for more information and its null if you could try to click the skiers for base and new snow on the slopes in their map area!

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