Friday, January 9, 2009

Terminate my domain

Since i never update my domain website at, i decided to delete that account and terminate it. But i still dont know how to terminate that website. Its been 3 months since my last update and im paying that domain every month for $11.95. For me, 11.95 is a lot for a simple web hosting. Infact i am no longer using that website anymore, except uploading photos of course. I only care about the photos in there and not the content of that site. I send them email already and i am waiting for their reply.

This morning, since my friend and I are talking about my website. I was thinking to delete the advertisement and edit the rest of it but when i sign in to my account, i dont have access anymore. I dont know why, well... maybe because we got a new bank account and they cant access my old account anymore. They want me to get another plan and pay $35.98, a fee good for 3 months. I told my husband about it and we are not planning to get any plan or continue that website, thats why we need to terminate my domain website or else we are still paying for their plan every month.