Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Silver Cleaning Tips

I been very fascinated with Silver Jewelries. Most of my jewelry are silver and gold but most of it are silver. I never clean my jewelry also since I bought it? And I was wondering maybe I can find a silver cleaning tips online to give me idea on how to clean it in a proper way. Good thing because my friend recommended me the archmailledesigns.com. They have information about Basic Silver Cleaning Advice. Maybe I can take a look and see what they say.

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Penelope said...

Hi, I had a silvr ring I loved and had the same problem didn't know how to clean it, so I asked my Mom and she said toothpaste will clean your silver ring, and it worked. I used the white kind of toothpaste not the gel with a toothbrush on my ring and then rinsed it off, good as new and smells minty fresh. :)