Friday, January 9, 2009

Prenatal Check-up

12:00 noon is my schedule for my prenatal check up and since Mike working at Parachute today, so that means, he cant go with me to my doctor appointment. I need someone to go with me and help me watch Dustin for a little while. Thank God Kathy is there to help me and drove me for my doctor appointment. The road is kind a slippery because of the snow thats why im scared to drive alone.
My prenatal check-up went well. I gain 4 lbs this time hehe :-) my last visit i am 98 lbs and right now i am 101 lbs! so far i gain 18 lbs since my first prenatal check up. My blood pressure is normal and baby's heart beat was normal too. My next visit will be this coming Jan. 26 and i am looking forward for my next visit!