Friday, January 9, 2009

2 Green Layouts

This is the new layout i made for Weng, she's a friend of mine too. Hope you all like it and dont forget to visit their blog! Happy blogging!

This is the surprise layout i made for Janet, a friend and my co-worker before at the internet Cafe. She's not updating her blog for this month but hopefully she will when she came back from her vacation leave. Anyway, Janet hope you like your new layout. I made it for you! :-)


Wifey thoughts said...

Hi Fe, Thank you so much. I really loved it. I am so grateful fe for having a friend like you. God bless your heart and God bless you always.

janet said...

heheh lamat au fe.. sori busy nku process papers nku for abroad apply mn ko work hongkong heheh pro wla pa kbalo c bosing yaw pud saba ha heheh. Ingats and thank you

janet said...

Fe, unsa pasabot nmu na nawala ang nku? Naa mn heheh btaw busy na au ko kron oi heheeh kung mkagawas nku padayon ni nku ako blogs hehhee. Lamat sa new template ha nice au bah...

Nancy said...

Oi...galing..where's mine?? hahaha!
Pa drop nalang muna ng another tag Fem, ha...hope you won't get tired with it :-)

Have a great day!

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