Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Ultrasound...

Yesterday at 3:20pm is my ultrasound check up. I drove the pick up truck and Mike will see me there at my doctor's office. He will work late but he just take a few minutes break so that he can go with me on my check up and see the results of my ultrasound. After my ultrasound he will go back to work and will be home late around 8:00pm. But anyway, i was so happy because it turns out really good. The good thing is i gained weight. Just 5 lbs hehe :-) 87 lbs last month and im 92 lbs now. Guess what? we will going to have a baby "Girl". I am so happy with that because having a boy and a girl is enough for us. Our family is complete now and i couldn't ask for more. Mike said having a girl will be expensive because we need to buy more girl clothes. Well... that what it is but i am so thankful to God that he hears my prayer :-)

To see more of the photos of my ultrasound result, you can visit my Parenting Journey Blog. Thanks and happy blogging to everyone!

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mari said...

congratulations on your baby girl :) we're having a girl as well... have a safe pregnancy.