Sunday, October 12, 2008

General Assembly...

This morning until afternoon, we attend Jehovah's Witnesses General Assembly at the Avilon Theater thats why i never had a chance to update my blog. I also didn't woke up early to talk with my friend in the Philippines at 5:00am because i was really tired that time and i dont feel waking up too early. But anyway, the assembly went pretty good but goshhh this morning its really freezing cold. hehe :-) I feel like its "Winter" already. Its about 46 degrees this morning. I meet a new Filipina friend also at the assembly. She's kind a new here, she's been here 4 months. Its nice to met her and im looking forward to met her again. I just gave her my number and she gave her number too. Its nice to met my fellow kababayan here in Grand Junction, i cant believe that there are many Filipino people living out here. Looking forward to met them all! :-)

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