Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Wow, that was a long day trip. Its 2 hours driving from Grand Junction to Ouray. The drive was spectacular, i saw nice scenery, the mountains and hills are amazing. Wish i can take pictures of all those views but too bad i didn't because im on the car and i feel sleepy while were driving hehe :-) I was so tired when we get home, maybe because Dustin likes to be with me while were at the Hotspring. Dustin worn me out. He also fell asleep when were driving home but only 1 hour nap. When we arrive here my tummy starting to hurt. Hmmm maybe i eat a lot while were in Ouray. I checked my mail right away and my blog advertising account and wooolahh! i got 4 tasked waiting for me hehe :-) Im so happy with it and im glad they give me 4 tasked today because i never get one yesterday hehe :-)

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