Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Filipina Friend

While mike at work, i decided to call my Filipina friend named Gladys who lived at Redlands and tell her if we can meet today at Tita's Filipino Store. We already had plan to meet last week but we didn't make it because Mike wants me to go with him at his doctor's office. I called her right away that time and tell her that maybe we can postponed our meeting schedule and try it again after a week. Im glad we make it yesterday. We meet at Tita's Filipino Store here at Palmer Street, Orchard Mesa and we had fun together. We chat a lot and the best thing is, the one who are watching the store, Ate Elena and her sister talk the same language as we are. We are all from Mindanao. Me and Glady's are from Davao and they are from Zamboanga. Its nice to talk people that talk the same language as i do. We can understand each other and its a good feeling you know. We also take some pictures and after we chat together, Glady's and I went to our house and had lunch here. We had Tocino and Rice for lunch and i showed her around the house too. Our first meet was good, i feel comfortable with her and im happy that we meet yesterday. Hope to see her again and nice to met you again Gladys! I know there are many Filipino living here in Grand Junction, Colorado and i am sure i will going to meet new Filipino friends here!

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Lara said...

Hi Fe, nice pic. Na post napud nako ato pic sa Filipino store. Ako ni grab ang pic ha kay aron naa pud ko copy. Salamat pud sa tag, ako rana grab if makalugar ko.