Friday, September 5, 2008

Computer Restore

We encounter computer problem in our PC, we receive warning alert message that says "our computer been attacked with spyware or stealing password and virus". It keep showing up and its bagging me a lot. It started last 2 days ago. I used the computer in the morning but it works pretty good but in the afternoon, im starting to receive spyware and warning message. Mike said its not a virus and i just need to ignore it. But eventhough i ignore it, it makes me really pissed and upset because everytime i open my account or video, it seems like its getting worst. So mike decided to restore our computer because we have the recovery CD all we have to do is just install it. We finished restoring our computer and now, we have new windows. But, we still need to install new softwares including the webcam, the printer, the games, yahoo messenger, etc. I never had problem with it, our connection right now is faster than before and i like it. Hope we wont encounter any computer problem or else we need to restore it again hehe :-)

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