Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thanks God its Saturday!

Im very happy that today is Saturday... but wait a minute, Mike is at work right now! He work overtime again, this is supposed our family time together but anyway i think tomorrow we can spend our family time together because its Sunday. I thought the weather will be nice today but i was wrong, its kind a cloudy outside and there's no sun light. The sky is dark and it seems like it will going to rain this afternoon. That was too bad, well hopefully we can go out tonight for dinner and send my family their additional allowance this month i think they need it for this week because they ran out of budget. I was shocked also when my sister told me that the rice price is increased a lot instead of 25-26 per kilo they make it 33 per kilo. That was not good, i am sure their are many people will be starving because they cant afford to buy rice for that cost. Is that because typhoon and flood strike the rice field somewhere in the Philippines? I am not sure but i heard that is the cause why they increased the rice prices.

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