Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I fell Asleep...

Oh well its already 4:00 pm i think i fell asleep. While Dustin is taking a nap i decided to take a nap too. I was kind a tired today and when i woke up i feel hungry again. I still need to cook dinner and clean the living room because Dustin make a mess in there. All his toys are all over the living room hehe :-) But im glad he is taking a nap now. Before i put dustin into nap, Dustin and I sing videoke then after that we eat snack and i put him on his crib so that he can sleep. I pay bills too, not so much tasked for the day but im glad i grab 2 tasked, so its enough for me. Have a wonderful day! its already first week of April so hope i can earn more for this month!

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