Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! its wednesday and its time to do something online so that we can earn through blogging hehe :-) Hope i can grab opps today, how about you? hows your blogging career? Well me is fine! i think they are so good to me, i never got 0 for grabbing tasked for the day. Anyway i was just worried this morning because Mike is coughing a lot. He still going to work even he is not feel good. Hope he will feel better now. I missed him and hope he will come home early. I need to call him about an hour to check on him you know if how is he. He called me this morning and he told me that he has an appointment for his doctor this morning at 10:15am im glad he called his doctor because i think he need a check up because i dont want his cough will get worst.

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