Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Always feel hungry...

I never feel like this before even on my first pregnancy or even the time when i moved here in Colorado. Since last week i always feel hungry, it seems like i need to eat every 2-3 hours. Im kind a worried because i dont want to get fat because of too much eating. Maybe this is one of the symptoms of being pregnant? I think i am 1 month pregnant because my period delay for 1 week and when i got the pregnancy test, it said its positive but i need to try again this weekend to make it sure you know. I feel like i eat too much for this day but i am still feel hungry. I dont like this kind of feeling because i am sure i will get fat with this. Mike dont like it when i am fat its not look good anymore hehe :-) i still want to be the same, still slim and petite. :-) Well... will see what happen if there's any changes happen to me this month of April. I need to watch my weight though hehe i dont want to get big!

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