Friday, March 7, 2008

We went to garage sale!

This morning we went to garage sale. We only find few things but not of them have good stuff. Only Dustin got a toy for only 50 cents hehe :-) Well, maybe this is not the right time to go for garage sale. Its still early for the year though, mostly they do garage sale every summer because its warm and hot. We only find 3 houses that has good stuff but we dont find anything we like. Maybe next time, too bad because we go back home early because Mike is not feeling good, he has headache and me too, i dont feel so good also, so we decided to go home and take a nap together. Dustin is sleeping right now and Mike is just relaxing. So while Mike is relaxing waiting for me to get done here so that he can play his favorite game, i need to finish my tasked first before i let him play. What a lazy day! I am still thinking what to cook for dinner tonight. hehe :-)


asawakomahalko said...

wow fe buti pa u my husband don't like to go garage sale hehehe mao na if i know how to drive punta ako mag-isa hehehe.

rojoy said...

I love yard sale, garage sale, anything you can buy for cheap as long as still usable count me in. That's why can't wait for summer to come.

Femikey said...

na me too joy, i cant wait for summer kc marami yard sale hehe :-) marami ka naman makita na good stuff e minsan may tag pa hehe :-) enjoy mag garage sale weng!