Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Want to Create a Wiki Website?

I never been into art school since when I start learn how to draw and sketch. I learned it with my own, I really enjoy every minute when I spend time sketching my favorite portrait or even my favorite celebrities. Im done lot of sketches before but this month its kind a lazy for me to do sketch, maybe its because I was busy updating all my 4 blogs. I have a website where i could download all my sketches but I never had a chance to update it because of luck of time or something. I think I need to create a website about arts. What you think? Well I never find one but when I research it online and came across this website at Wetpaint. It said Wetpaint wiki is now offer easier access to tools and more space for your content. I can start my own art website using this free Wiki website from Wetpaint. I never tried this website before but it sounds like it’s a great website for those artist like me. The good thing is they have 3 easy steps to start. Maybe I will try it later and see how it works. I see the wiki video and its fun too watch, you will going to love it, why not visit and see their video before you could start.

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