Friday, March 7, 2008


I remember before when we just rented a house here in Grand Junction. The house is look nice but they have all the bugs everywhere especially outside our yard. I always see cockroach in our yard and even in our garage. But the owner take care the house because they hire from Terminix service that can protect the house from any bugs. With the help of Terminix team, our house are free from bugs already. They really maintain the cleanliness outside and inside the house and we are thankful that we choose that house to rent. Now that we move here to our new house, I thought everything will be okay, like no bugs or something but when winter comes, we noticed that many bugs are starting coming to the house especially spiders and ants. Well, I think we need to call Terminix to care for that. Terminix is dedicated to serving customer’s needs with customized solutions to pest, termite and moisture problems. You can count on them anytime, 100% satisfaction because their Terminix service professional will apply technologically advanced pest control materials to the places where they’ll be most effective so they will kill them all and I am sure your house will be free from bugs anymore.

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