Thursday, March 13, 2008

Smiley Face Pizza

Last night, i cooked pizza for dinner. We had boboli pizza, so i just need to make it. I put a lot of cheese and pepperoni with it. And at the top, i make a smiley faces using the pepperoni. It was fun to make it hehe :-) i am not crazy about pizza because i dont eat pizza when i was in the Philippines. But when i moved here in Colorado? everything was changed. Im starting to like Pizza especially if you put lot of cheese pepperoni, or even the hawaiian style with lots of pineapple and black olives. So yummy hehe :-) We love to order Pizza at Papa Murphys, they have really good pizza there. You can choose whatever you want and you can baked it at home after. How about you? do you like pizza?

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azillah said...

Oh! i like pizza lalo na pag hawaian style..i miss pizza hut,meron di pero ang layo namn..