Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pop-ups... Pop-ups...

Last 2 days i always encounter pop ups here on my blog. I dont know why because i dont open porn sites or any website that has lot of pop-ups. I thought i am the only one encounter pop-ups on my blog but i hear some of my fellow bloggers also encounter this. Is there any problem with blogger right now? It already affected some of my post, i already been declined from one of the post i made because of this pop-up thing. I already blocked the spam and pop-up on my computer, so hope it wont came back. This morning, i noticed that i dont seen any pop-up at all but its too late because one of my post have been declined for this reason. Well... hope some of my post wont be affected with this hilarious porn pop-ups, its very annoying you know... Hope it wont come back again.

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