Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Since when I was a kid, I am dreaming to have my own piano. I don’t know how to play piano but it is fun to have at home. I have passion in music but it seems like music is not for me. I try hard to practice but it didn’t work, but maybe I need a little more practice especially in singing, playing piano or even playing harmonica. I bought my husband a Harmonica because he likes to play with it, im glad he likes my gift for him on our 2rd year anniversary. He told me, how if he will buy a piano for me so that I can practice more and maybe I can teach Dustin also how to play piano. And I say why not! Of course I like piano but when we look the price on the store, I am really shocked because its really expensive. Well maybe next year we will buy Piano for our next anniversary. We need to save money so that we can buy a brand new. If we couldn’t find a Piano that has a good price on the store then we don’t have a choice, we need to look for it online and maybe we can get a better deal. I found this website at, they have all different kinds of Piano. Hope we can get one this year or maybe next year hopefully. Pianomaninc has gospel music online too. This is accompaniments in the Boston area, well too bad I am not from Boston but to those people who has plan to buy piano online this is the website I am absolutely recommend. At their product list you can find grand pianos, upright, digital, organs, hammon, keyboards, piano accessories, books and music sheets, you can order it online or you can the number 781-893-6644.

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