Monday, March 10, 2008

My New Parenting Blog

I just created a new blog about Parenting, i am so happy to get another blog. It's nice to have more than one blog because it helps me to keep busy for the day while my husband at work. I already started updating my new blog this morning, i made 4 post on my parenting blog, you can visit it at this link "My Parenting Journey". Feel free to leave comments and if you want to be added on my blogroll please let me know so that i can add you okay? So far i have 4 blogs right now. Its not easy to have more than 1 blog because its hard to update each one of them everyday. Sometimes, i run out of words to say. Unlike this blog, i made a lot of post everyday because this one has more traffic than the other one. This is my first blog, so I give all my attention to this one. Please add my parenting blog to your blogroll okay? thanks in advance and happy blogging!

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