Monday, March 3, 2008

Im glad its Monday...

Im so glad its Monday, I been waiting for this day because my favorite telenovela Lobo is very interesting now, especially that Lyka’s birthday is coming, so she will going to change as a wolf on her special day. I was very excited to see that episode and I cant wait for the next episode tomorrow. I woke up early also to see if I have some tasked to do and betcha! I have one tasked. Well.. Its okay one task is enough for the day, one better than nothing right? I still need to clean the house and feed the dogs. Dustin is been good boy this morning, he is just watching his favorite TV kid programs. Im so happy to see him learning a lot of what he sees on TV. I try to teach him how to talk in sentence but I think he’s not ready yet, he knows some phrases and words though. He is still on the stage of learning how to talk, I think he did pretty good. It’s nice out also, im glad the snow is melting and its starting to get warm, maybe this afternoon we will go out in the backyard and play for few hours.

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