Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Tuesday! Good morning! i just woke up, im still feel sleepy but i need to be awake now because its already 8:00 am hehe :-) i think i sleep good last night. Dustin just woke up too, we woke up same time together. Mike mostly woke up too early at 5:30 am because of his work. He is an early riser hehe :-) So, before i go to bed i make it sure that i already made a coffee for him, our coffee maker is automatic so i can just set the time of when the coffee start. Mostly it start at 5:30 am after he woke up. It is more easier for me than to woke up early in the morning with him to make him coffee. Now before me and Dustin eat breakfast i need to finish my 1st tasked for the day and then later i can watch my favorite telenovela lobo hehe :-) im really excited for the episode for this day and the next episode too as well. So happy blogging everyone and start your day with a great smile!

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