Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Early Riser?

I am not that type of person that woke up so early in the morning. Way back in the Philippines, my sister always telling me to wake up early to prepare the breakfast but i was so tired and i dont want to get up early, i just want to stay on the bed and cuddle with my pillow. But this morning, i woke up early at 5:00 am, because i hear the radio at Mike's side table. And i hear Dustin too. But after few minutes he go back to sleep and mike is ready to go work at quarter to 6:00 am and i go back to sleep too because i was really tired, i sleep late last night about 11:00pm just to finished my last tasked for the day. I dont want to let go that tasked because they will pay me $30 to write a post for their services. Well, its worth to stay up late when you receive that kind of amount, you cant get anything like that when you are in the Philippines. Its hard to find a job there and i was very thankful that there's many Filipino bloggers out there are willing to do blogging just to earn money. Like what i said blogging is a good source for income. As long you are very positive and you like writing a lot then this is your chance to earn big bucks. There's a lot of filipino bloggers out there that willing to help those newbies, you can ask them and they are there to help you, they also guide you how to start. To those newbies who wants to learn blogging, i am here ready to help just dont hesitate to ask. Try blogging now and you will see how fun it is to write either its personal, business or for fun. Happy blogging!

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