Sunday, March 9, 2008

Daylight Saving Time

Wow, it seems like Daylight saving time is too early for this year, we expected it this month of April. This morning while where busy planting new trees outside in our yard. It makes me wondering why is the time of my cellphone and the time of our clock is different. I look up in my computer time and it same as on my cellphone time so it means the daylight already starting this day ha? I was very surprised and little bit confused because I really don’t know when is daylight saving time is. My husband knows it but he also surprised this morning when he make a call to someone and ask about the time because his thinking maybe our clock is not working. Well, I think the girl is right! So we are late for our meeting. We supposed to get ready early, eat our lunch and get ready for our meeting at 1:00 pm but too bad because its already 1:00 pm and we are not ready yet. We missed the meeting this afternoon because of the confusion of the time. Maybe next Sunday we can go to the meeting and learn more from the bible.

Well I read in the news that In the United States Daylight Saving Time begins at 2:00 am local time on the Second Sunday in March. And the time will return this coming on the first Sunday in November standard time at 2:00 am. So get ready to turn your clocks ahead one hour.

Here is the schedule for Daylight Saving Time:
Yr 2007 -March 11 DST Begins at 2:00am -November 4 DST Ends at 2:00am
Yr 2008 -March 9 DST Begins at 2:00am -November 2 DST Ends at 2:00am
Yr 2009 -March 8 DST Begins at 2:00am -November 1 DST Ends at 2:00am
Yr 2010 -March 14 DST Begins at 2:00am -November 7 DST Ends at 2:00am


Walk Throught Money Online Journal said...

Hi Same here in Toronto, We just just started a new time...

Imelda said...

wish it is applied, too here in the Philippines. I remember we had DST years ago.It is practical, though.